Bipartisan Best Wishes

Hey America. It’s almost over. How are you holding up? Do you need me to get you a glass of water or something?

I’m trying to imagine how you’re feeling right now. After well over a year of watching your once-noble electoral process degenerate into a schoolyard brawl and your highest office become a joke, you must be exhausted. Whether you’ve been calmly researching your decision on your own or angrily launching yourself into the front lines on the Internet, you’ve had to sift through the opinions of millions of imperfect, biased people who formed their opinions based on the opinions of other imperfect, biased people. You did your best to base your decision on facts, but in a race where both sides are desperate to prevent the election of a candidate who they honestly believe represents the end of the America they love, how can you trust anything you hear?

But none of that matters right now. Decisions have been made, votes have been cast, and in a few hours (if all goes well – haha), either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will be elected President of the United States of America. And regardless of which one you voted for, you will have to live with America’s decision for at least 4 years. And in light of that fact, I’d like to offer you a little advice from someone who understands what it’s like to live under the rule of an elected official you have little to no respect for.

Go High: If you lose, concede with grace. Declaring that an unsatisfactory result means the election was rigged doesn’t just reveal your ignorance of the fact that election fraud is exceptionally rare; it also undermines the public’s trust in the election process. And you just can’t afford to further erode that.

Have Faith: Remember that, flawed though it is, you do live in a democracy. Electing someone who promises to do things that you despise doesn’t mean that those things will actually get done. Look at poor Obama’s time in office!

Be The Change: If you can’t rely on your elected leader to fix things, get out there and do it your damn self!

That’s it from me, guys. I wish you the best of luck tonight. I’m off to tap class and then I’m going to watch the results come in with some friends. If you need a shoulder, give us a shout. We’re pulling for you!


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