Once again, I have managed to reach the end of the day without writing a blog post. It’s my curse: if I don’t have time to write, I have billions of brilliant ideas, already fully formed into lovely prose; if I do have time to write, my thoughts get jumbled and I lose my point and I end up posting some random meme just to have something to post. 

I’m hopeful that the speech recognition software I’ve been using to write will help me get things down while the ideas are flowing. I’m certain that if I engaged in mindfulness meditation more regularly I would be able to keep my ideas sorted in my head. I should probably also try mind-clearing walks in the crisp autumn air, stream-of-consciousness journaling, way less sugar and junk in my diet. But I think that the most important strategy of them all is to work on ridding myself of my crippling self-doubt. I tend to circle back on an idea, worried that it’s somehow unclear or too simple or just not good enough, and so instead of writing more I just re-write the crap out of the first thing until it’s barely recognizable and I can hardly even remember what I was getting at. I need to just plot through, get it all out there, and trust in myself that things I have to say are worth saying and worth reading. 

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