Say It, Don’t F-G-H-J It!

Can I just tell you all how much I love speech recognition software?

Seriously, it has been a complete revelation for me in terms of blogging. As anyone who knows me IRL knows, communication is my strongest skill. I love to talk and I’m very good at it: finding the right word to express an idea or image, tailoring the language I use to my audience, and capturing and keeping the interest of that audience. When it comes to recording my words on paper, though, I find that my mind often works a little faster than my chicken-peck typing skills can keep up with. When I can see what I’ve written, the urge to go back and edit instead of writing more is overwhelming. I’m also easily distracted by things like a lumpy couch or a too-hard chair or Instagram ❤️ notifications. Sprawling on my bed with my eyes closed and letting my ideas come tumbling out makes for more vital, fluid writing.

If something in your life isn’t working right now, don’t just live with it – come at it from a different angle! It might take a few tries, but I promise you, there’s ALWAYS a solution.

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