This is where I Write (with a capital W)

It’s so important to find a good writing spot, don’t you think?

It’s certainly not impossible to write without one, of course. You can put pen-to-paper or fingertips-to-keyboard pretty much anywhere. Even the cavefolks managed it way back when it was hammer-to-chisel-to-cave-wall. If you want to communicate something badly enough, you’ll find some way to do it.

But if you really want to write from your guts, you need a good spot to do it in.

Not just your physical location. A good chair is helpful, of course (mine is a papasan with a fat teal cushion and a rabbit pillow), and you can’t go wrong with a view that inspires you in some way (out of the little bay window in my bedroom that overlooks my busy, odd little street).

The atmosphere’s got to be right, too.  There’s no perfect formula for that; for me, it’s the rush of cars on the street below, the hum and bubble of my humidifer, the tick of Elsie’s nails on the hardwood. Maybe a swirl of dust motes as I sink into the chair if I’ve been lax on my cleaning this week. My roommate belting out a tune upstairs in the shower.

But more than any of that, you’ve got to actually recognize it as your spot.  Think of it in capital letters: “My Writing Spot.” Make it sacred to turning thoughts into words, train yourself that when you sit in this Spot a Pavlovian writing response will kick in and







And so, I’m writing.  Woof!


Where's YOUR writing Spot?


Where’s your Spot?





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