Some thoughts on analytics

One of the reasons I decided to participate in NaBloPoMo is to motivate myself to start working with analytics. Since I’m still figuring out what exactly this blog is about, I thought that a month of experimenting and keeping an eye on the results would be helpful. I haven’t set up Google Analytics yet (#recruiterlife), but the WordPress Stats have revealed some interesting insights.

By far my best night for Views AND for Likes is Wednesday. This came as a bit of a surprise; I had assumed people would be more likely to be idly perusing blogs on Fridays right before 5, or on Sunday nights while nursing the last of a hangover. But nope – Wednesday! 

My post from that busiest night of Views was about an online encounter with an old colleague who’s apparently a misogynist now. Not exactly a surprise that this one did well — I travel in pretty feminist circles and, well, feminism is SO hot right now. What DID come as a surprise, though, was that the Post on which I received the most Likes was a little quickie I wrote about a picture of a donut ice cream sandwich I ate in New York City. 

Was it the food porn? Did I use the right tags at the right time? Are people just in a Liking sort of mood on Wednesday nights?

Until I’ve got a few more months of steady posting under my belt I won’t know for sure if it’s a pattern or simply coincidence, but it’s given me some things to think about as I plan my content. 

How about you? Have you found that people are liking things that surprise you? How has that affected what you post?

One thought on “Some thoughts on analytics

  1. I do find it surprising which blogs get more attention and on which days and times. If I write what I think is a brilliant account of something I’ve experienced not much attention – but sometimes I’ve dashed something shallow down and boom – the stats shoot up! Go figure.

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