And now, a good day!

Remember on Tuesday when I had a crappy day in which nothing went right?  Today was pretty much the polar opposite.

I got to work two well-organized, super-fun events where I met students who made me proud to be a (tiny) part of the education system.

I found a lovely Vietnamese restaurant near my event for lunch, and while eating read The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane (which is already giving my heart the aches in the most wonderful of ways).

I overheard a very important colleague comment to another re: my work at the event, “She’s really good.”

I met mom for dinner, and we discovered that spinach dip, potato skins and alcoholic slushies are a recipe for hilarity!  For dessert, popcorn and Mockingjay Part 2.

And now I’m home looking at this pretty face:

elsie dwarf lionhead bunny

Hang on to the memories of days like this. They’re the warm scarf that keeps the cold of the crappy days from creeping too close to your heart.

Hallmark enough for ya?


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