Leggings are not pants (and other things that are none of my damn business)

I have no problem with leggings in general. I wear them all the time, under dresses and skirts and long tunic tops.  I have at least ten pairs in my dresser right now! They’re warm, they’re cozy, they prevent chafing and, if worn properly, they look super cute.

And therein lies the rub (if you’ll pardon the pun): IF they are worn properly.

Look, argue all you want — in my opinion, if your butt/ladyparts are not covered by something more substantial than lycra, you are not wearing pants.

tacky i hate you school of rock
Not ‘slutty’, not ‘asking for it’ – just tacky. And I don’t actually hate you.


Of course, that’s just my opinion.  If you want to go out in public pantsless, why shouldn’t you?  What does it matter what I think of how you look?  Your outfit is not interfering with my ability to live my life to my current standard (other than sorta activating my gag reflex), so it’s none of my damn business.

I wish I could brand that across some people’s foreheads (or perhaps the ass of their leggings?).  What other people wear is none of your damn business.

Don’t like the implications of that Muslim lady’s hijab?  None of your damn business!

Think that girl’s tube top is better saved for the bedroom?  None of your damn business!

Tempted to tell that teenage boy to pull up his damn pants? None of your GD, MF business!

none of your business

The next time you’re tempted to unload your opinion of someone’s outfit, ask yourself these questions three:


  1. Do they have a body part hanging out in a way that appears unintentional?
  2. Is something about their outfit endangering their life in the immediate future?
  3. Can what they’re wearing qualify as hate speech?

If the answer to these questions is no, then —


barney stinson wait for it how i met your mother neil patrick harris


3 thoughts on “Leggings are not pants (and other things that are none of my damn business)

  1. Lol! I loved this! I share your opinions about leggings not being pants, but you’re very right to point out that someone else’s fashion sense is none of our business 😄

  2. After seven years of teaching high school, I’ve given up on the ‘leggings aren’t pants’ battle. For most teenagers, leggings are pants.

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