Ugh. Crappy day.

I’ve had a ‘first world problems’ kind of day. Nothing disastrous has happened; it’s just been one crappy thing after another, adding up to a day I can’t wait to see the back of.

I forgot my work laptop at home and had to borrow one from the client for whom I was presenting.

I drove all the way across town and then realized I had packed up said client’s power cord in my purse.

I tried to access my student account for the class I’m taking (for which I have an assignment due tonight), only to discover my password expired today and I’m now locked out.

When I called IT, I got ‘that’ employee — the one who is incapable of doing anything other than submitting a request for someone else to solve your problem.

Even trying to write this blog hasn’t been going well — I feel like the words are just tumbling out and I can’t get them sorted into anything resembling a good piece of writing.

BUT I’m still glad that I’ve committed to writing once a day. It’s a good reminder that, whether or not you’re ‘in the mood’, shit’s gotta get done.

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