Al, Frank and Me

I was thinking about Weird Al Yankovic and Frank Welker this morning.

Not like THAT, guys! Although...
Not like THAT, guys! Although…


I’m sure you’re familiar with Weird Al — his career as a musical satirist has spanned well over 4 decades, far longer than the vast majority of the artists he’s parodied.

You may not have heard of Frank Welker, but you’ve definitely heard him.

And this isn’t even CLOSE to all of them!


Frank is an incredibly talented voice actor who specializes in animal noises.  His IMDB page lists 751 credits – basically, if you’ve seen something with critters in it, odds are Frank worked on it.

What do the two have in common?  They both have an incredibly specialized skill set.  There’s really no one else out there doing exactly what they do.  I’ve always been fascinated by people who have carved out their own weird little place in the world, and who have managed to make a decent living while doing it.

I’ve had kind of a weird career path, myself.  I’ve been a children’s performer…

I'm a hyena stand-up comedian, obvi.
I’m a hyena stand-up comedian, obvi.


An educational tour leader…

Tour Guide Kelly tolerates no bulls#!t!
Tour Guide Kelly tolerates no bulls#!t!


A front of house manager…

That Master Schedule behind me goes on for another two walls...
That Master Schedule behind me goes on for another two walls… #professional


And those are just the ones that make for a good photo! I’ve done a lot of different things to make a living, and I’ve got a very eclectic skill set as a result. What I’m trying to do now is figure out exactly what it is that I can do that makes me different from everyone else out there.

It’s not going to be easy; you don’t really see a lot of job postings out there for a children’s performer/tour guide/front of house manager/event coordinator/camp counsellor/bartender/admissions advisor/student recruitment officer/social media community manager/writer/etc.

Which means that it’s up to me to find my niche; to carve out a weird little me-shaped hole in the world, cram myself in there and start doing whatever it is that no one else but me can do.  I’m going to have to spend a lot of time in the foreseeable future using my various skills in different combinations to figure out which combos might actually be of use to people.

It’s either that or I learn to make monkey sounds to the tune of Hotline Bling.

“You used to call me on my bananaphone…”


If you feel like I might be able to cobble together a few of my skills into a configuration that might be of use to you, please give me a shout! I’m also open to suggestions in the comments…

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