Back to the old grind…

Remember when I lost my job in April?  Well, as of tomorrow I kind of have it back!  It’s only a 4-month contract, but I get to go back to doing the stuff I really liked to do without all of the extra stuff that I didn’t like, so that’s pretty sweet.  Still, back to work…

dave chappelle days off

When I was laid off I vowed to do a whole bunch of work on my house and my career and my life, some of which I did and some of which I did not.  For those who are interested, here are the things I managed to accomplish during The Summer of tK!

  • Completed two courses in my post-graduate social media program; still waiting on a few marks, but I’m pretty damn proud of the 96% on one of my final projects.
  • Successfully planned and executed the sophomore year of the FringeKids! Club, with much praise from the management team (and the press!).
  • Started Weight Watchers, lost 7 pounds so far and am actually genuinely enjoying the process.
  • Painted and redecorated my bedroom, which is now the bright, cheerful and mellow sanctuary I needed.
  • Revamped my deck to full party-ready status.
  • Developed mad to-do list skillz (I seriously kept one every week I was off and actually mostly stuck to it).
  • Got my groove back (which is a story for another post).

I also spent some time at various cottages and campgrounds, hung out with the family, and just relaxed.  I’m not QUITE ready to go back to work, but it’s definitely about time that I do.  I’m glad that I can return feeling proud of the things I’ve accomplished!

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