Banging It Out

It’s amazing to me how many times I’ve started new endeavours: a new blog or social media account, a new career venture or educational program, a new exercise regimen or diet.

Each time I’m filled with excitement and determination. This time it’s going to be amazing! This time I’m going to follow through and blog regularly/find a successful career path/get in shape! This time I’m going to git ‘er done!

But each time I’ve missed one crucial part of the equation – actually, y’know, gittin’ ‘er done.

I could blame it on laziness or lack of opportunity or a penchant for gluttony, but what it really comes down to time after time is that I forget that things don’t just happen because you really really want them to.

If you truly want something to happen, you have to actually DO IT.

I’m sure that this is painfully obviously to most people, but it’s been something of a revelation for me. I somehow never realized that doing stuff is easy. Just effing DO IT.

For example, this entry. I’ve been thinking to myself all week that I should be blogging while I’m here in Dayton Beach. I’ve been mulling over ideas, or waiting for a ‘good time’ to write — you know, when it’s cloudy or the tide is too high or the ice cream truck is too far away. But then today I was walking along the beach, ankle deep in salt water and I thought ‘why wait?’ So, I plopped myself down (higher up on the sand, of course) and banged this out in about ten minutes.

My office! Not pictured: the adorable crab that just popped out of a hole next to me.

Imagine that! I decided to do something and I did it. How easy is that???


There he is!

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