Buh-bye, 2014!

At the risk of getting all ‘first world problems’ on you, I have to say that 2014 was not the greatest year for me. Yes, I made a few career inroads, had a few laughs and bought a car; but I also said goodbye to my best furry friend, gained some weight, lost about 65% of my faith in the human race and once again failed to find the Marshall to my Lily, the Mulder to my Scully, the boy-parts to my girl-parts.

I won’t say that I FAILED at 2014, but I will say that I’m thrilled to see the back of it and (like everyone else in the universe) I’m ready for change!

Captain Hammer meme

Since I’m generally better at getting things done when they’re in list form, here are the actions I’m taking to ensure that 2015 sucks AT LEAST 50% less than 2014:


* Buy (and use!) a treadmill.
* Cut my junk food intake by like 75%.
* See my massage therapist on a more regular basis.
* Salad.


* Meditate.
* Practice mindfulness.
* Cut out anyone who doesn’t bring out the best in me.
* Purge anything I haven’t used/worn in the last 2 years.


* Actually interact with and date people on OKCupid instead of just rolling my eyes at idiots with shirtless profile photos who think “ur cute” is an acceptable conversation starter.
* Go out with my single friends at least once a month to events that might attract like-minded single folk.
* Successfully complete the items under FINDING HEALTH and FINDING HAPPINESS.


* Update this damn blog!

Image Credit: Hyperbole And A Half

Later, 2014 — don’t let the door hit you on the metaphorical ass on the way out!

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