Purely Physical Travel Memories (and the pictures that evoke them)

I’ve been uncharacteristically career-focused lately. It’s a bit weird for me — to use the old ‘Grasshopper and the Ant’ analogy, I’ve always tended to skip around while the sun is shining as opposed to planning ahead for when the snow hits. While I’m very proud that I’ve finally managed to learn this particular lesson (like so many kindergarteners before me), it has required certain sacrifices on my part. Number one on that list? A serious reduction in the amount of travelling I’ve been able to indulge in.


Don’t get me wrong: I DO still get to go places. I went camping a few times this summer, and I’ll be spending a week with my folks in Mexico this January. The thing is, my preferred travel experience is …. immersive. I like to really dig my toes into a place and try to, you know — get it. FEEL it. And that’s really hard to do when you’ve committed yourself to spending the next few years building a career and some security.


When I feel my toes itching to skip off someplace new, I soothe them with a little travel photo therapy. I’m no master photographer, but I’ve managed to compile a little collection of pictures from my travels that make me feel as though I’m there again, in body as well as in spirit.


Squeezing the sharp-slimy spine of a piranha between my fingers in the middle of an oxbow lake in the Amazon.


Funky the baby monkey nuzzling my neck at the Magic Hut hostel on Koh Chang.


The breathlessness of that first early spring dive into the steely blue-grey depths of Lake Erie.


Learning the strength of an elephant’s trunk as he steals my banana at an elephant sanctuary in the Golden Triangle in Thailand.


Filling my exhausted, altitude-addled lungs with icy mountain air after my triumphant ascent of a 4000m+ pass in the Andes.

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