Mission statement? Shmission Shtatement!

It’s been about a year since I registered for this domain name and started this blog. The more observant among you might notice that, in that year, I have posted exactly 3 times.


Why? A combination of things, really, but they add up to basically the same thing. I kept hanging on to this idea that a ‘good’ blog has to have a mission statement, a clearly defined set of boundaries that would inform what I write and draw the ‘right’ audience to me.

I’ve got about a dozen drafts of that mission statement in various stages of completion, which made for some fun reading today.  One version gets into some sort of heavy stuff and sets a tone I didn’t feel I could sustain.  Another makes use of a very passive-aggressive ‘apology’ letter I wrote to my third grade teacher, but I think even when I was writing it I had no idea what I was trying to get at.  One features only two words — “Sometimes I…”

There’s some decent writing in there, I guess, but none of them really says anything about who I want to be and what I want to write about.

I decided to look to my very favourite bloggers to see if I could figure out how they found their voice, their niche. I noticed that most of these bloggers are people that I’ve followed for many years, and their blogs today are barely recognizable when set next to their earlier work. And that’s when it hit me: THEY didn’t know what they were doing when they got started either!  Over the years, I watched them grow as people and writers and artists, as they … well, as they wrote their own story, literally and figuratively.

This blog is my story — that’s my mission statement.  I hope the opening lines are enough to keep you ‘turning the pages’ for a while…


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