Today’s blog brought to you by – Instant Gratification!

Sitting here drinking my morning tea (Earl grey, hot – natch), I’ve been flipping through my favourite blogs, and not one but two of them dealt with the subject of instant gratification. If a lifetime of watching Sesame Street has taught me anything, it’s that oft-repeated subjects are the lesson of the day and we should pay attention to them. And who am I to argue with Sesame Street?


Since I’m basically a child (at least in terms of my eating and television habits), the desire for instant gratification is a problem for me and I was eager to hear other people’s take on the topic.

Here’s one of the blogs (the other seems to have vanished from the interwebz right now, but I’ll update when it returns):

The Kiwi Incident

In a nutshell, the lesson learned is that we need to be aware of our urge for instant gratification. Sometimes we give in and that’s OK, and other times we resist and enjoy the longer-term benefits (be they better health or nicer kiwis). We need to pay particular attention to how we feel when we’ve managed to resist an impulse, and keep that feeling at the forefront next time the impulse rears its head. If we remember how good it felt to acknowledge the urge and let it pass, we’re more likely to continue with that pattern of good choices. We learn that working toward a long term goal feels better than grabbing whatever’s within reach.

That’s my goal for the day: acknowledge any urges for instant gratification and, if they’re not a positive choice for me, let them pass.

And if it’s not a positive choice on the surface, but I feel like it will still be a good thing for me in the long run — it’s OK to just eat the damn cookie.


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