Live every moment of your life

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Has anyone ever told you to “live life to the fullest”, or “live every moment like it’s your last (or your first)”, or some variation on that theme?  I’m willing to bet that someone has.  It seems to be that one universal piece of advice that gets chucked AT everyone BY everyone at some point.  I guess I can understand why.  I mean, it makes sense that if you’re going to be ALIVE you should probably be trying to do a good job of it, right?

The problem is — what exactly does that mean?  What constitutes a ‘full’ life?  How do I know if my life is ‘full’, ‘fuller’, or ‘fullest’?  Is that something you can even know about your life before you’ve reached the end of it?  And as for living every moment as if it’s my first or last, well, I’m pretty sure I spent my first moment crying and peeing myself, and it’s entirely possible I’ll spend my last moment the same way.

Therefore, I’d like to offer an alternative philosophy:

“Live every moment of your life.”

And what does THAT mean?  Hell, I don’t really know.  But I’m going to do my best to figure it out.  Here’s what I’ve got so far:

Instead of reliving the past or fretting about the future, I am going to be present in every moment of my life.

Instead of watching the world pass me by, I am going to reach out to the people, the places, the adventures and the opportunities all around me, and allow them to shape and change me.

Instead of striving for unachievable perfection in every moment, I am going to accept that each moment is perfect in its own way.

These are big changes to make, which means I’ve probably got a long road ahead.  I don’t know what steps I’ll be taking a long the way, but I’m kind of excited to find out.  I hope you are too.  Maybe we’ll meet up somewhere along the way and take a few steps together!

2 thoughts on “Live every moment of your life

  1. Kelly, your energy jumps right off the page. You are are a great righter.

    I believe, and try every day, to do what you are writing about. On my Wedding Day my Best Man acknowledged me as one of the only people he knows that actually “stops to smell the roses”. He’s right, but I was shocked when he said that. I then realized it was one of the best compliments anyone could say to a person.

    Being present is real, and a wonderful place to be. History gets in the way, and future…well, for the most part it is stressful.

    My favourite acronym is F.E.A.R.
    It stands for: Fantasized – Experiences – Appearing – Real. Fear generally has one of two ingredients: past or future.

    If you ever fall out of being present reach out to me and I will kick your butt all the way back.


    1. Thanks so much Brian – I love insightful comments! I’m going to remember that FEAR thing. The key word for me is Fantasized – I have a very vivid imagination and I easily get worked up over nothing. 😀

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